New Virus out there, the Cryptolock Beast.

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New Virus out there, the Cryptolock Beast.

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:56 pm

There’s a new beast in town and if you’re one of the unlucky folks to cross its path, then you’re either a few hundred dollars poorer or you’re stuck with a hard drive (or more) with encrypted data that you can’t retrieve (unless you have backups).

The CryptoLocker Virus is a nasty piece of malware doing the rounds that encrypts files on a victim’s computer and issues an ultimatum: Pay up or lose your data. CryptoLocker’s raison d’être is to literally extract a ransom from its victims, which is why malware of its type is also known as “ransomware”.

Among others, the malware is spread through emails purporting to be from some well-known brands, and there are reports that the malware could also come as an attachment in emails which look like voicemail messages, but which are obviously fake. When you click on the attachment, CrypoLocker installs itself on your computer, takes a look at what you have on your hard drive (as well as mapped network drives), encrypts a variety of important file types such as photos and documents, and then begins its ‘negotiations’.
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