The new money tracker in town today is the Cryptorbit

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The new money tracker in town today is the Cryptorbit

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:38 pm

What is exactly the cryptorbit? Have you ever realized that every file in your pc is locked where you’re prompted with a website to pay in order to be decrypted?
When your computer/s gets infected by cryptorbit  a ransomware program, it will scan the computer/s to find every file that exists in it regardless of the type or extension  and encrypt them all. After a file has been encrypted, there are two files created in the folder where the file/s is encrypted: HowDecrypt.txt, HowDecrypt.gif.  All these two files contain is a payment site where you have to go to make a payment to decrypt your files.
Guess what, the payment site is located on the Tor network which allows you to only make payment in Bitcoins.  After the infection takes over you files, the machine will be trying to make connection to this IP Address: which in fact registered in Russia.
But that is not the end of the world,  to see how to detect and remove this devil click this link:

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